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Kevin Leahy Signwork

Since 1985, I've been steering the ship at Kevin Leahy Signwork, building a legacy that spans over three decades. Throughout this journey, my unwavering commitment to excellence has paved the way for a stellar reputation as a reliable partner for businesses, events, and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

I take pride in my profound understanding of the dynamic world of signage and its pivotal role in conveying messages, branding, and creating lasting impressions. I have honed my skills over the years, consistently delivering solutions that not only meet but often exceed the expectations of our clients.



 Explore my diverse range of promotional materials designed to elevate your brand visibility. From eye-catching Corrieboards and banners to impactful Point of Sale displays, Pop Ups, and Pull Ups, I offer a variety of promotional solutions that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Vehicle Signage

Transform your fleet into mobile advertising assets with my bespoke vehicle signage services. Whether it's vans, lorries, trucks, or other vehicles, my signage solutions ensure that your brand travels with impact, reaching a wide audience wherever your vehicles go.


Factory Signage - Internal External

Enhance the safety and efficiency of your workspace with my comprehensive factory signage options. From vital Health & Safety and PPE signs to innovative solutions like Shadow Boards and KPI & Management Boards, my customisable offerings can be tailored to your specific needs, including dry wipe, magnetic, reflective, or photoluminescent capabilities.

Exterior Signage

Make a bold statement with my exterior signage solutions. From striking panel signs to precision Routed and Laser Cut Lettering, I provide visually appealing options that ensure your business stands out. Elevate your presence with exterior signage that reflects the quality and professionalism of your brand.


Retail Signage

Transform your retail space into a visually engaging environment with my retail signage solutions. From dynamic Point of Sale displays to attention-grabbing shop fronts and window graphics, I offer a range of options to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your retail space and attract customers.

General Signage

Discover versatile and customisable signage options for various applications. My general signage solutions include Cut Vinyl, Printed Decals, and innovative Floor Graphics, allowing you to communicate your message effectively in different contexts. Tailor these solutions to suit your branding needs and achieve maximum visibility.

Kevin Leahy Signwork FAQ

Where can I find signage services near me?

Kevin Leahy Signwork offers signage services to customers in Tipperary

What kind of signage services do you offer?

My services include general signage, festival signage and window graphics


Kevin Leahy Signwork
Street    117 St Michaels Ave
E34 N263


✆ Phone:

087 271 0299

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